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When you think about industrial machinery...just think about CV. WORLD TECHNIQUE in Bandung City...!
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022 - 95200589 / 91192898
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(Hp Kantor) 085.222.110091 / 085.277.110091 / 0877.2287.2081 / 0812.2327.1917
Jalan Kawaluyaan Indah XV No. 16 - Komplek Kawaluyaan indah
BANDUNG 40286, Jawa Barat
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PAKET PENGOLAHAN KARET MENTAH ( SIR) , Mesin Penghancur Batu, Mesin Pertambangan, MESIN BUBUT, MESIN CNC, EDM, Mesin Karet, Mesin Plastik, Mesin Grafir, Mesin Tekstil, Mesin Rajut, Ashalt Mixing Mill, PAKET Mesin Pengolahan limbah Kertas, Mesin Pengolahan p
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Mesin Grafir Laser/ Laser Engraving/ Marking Machine
Quantity Order:
Suitable for Industry which is process some kind of material. such as :
fabrics, leather, woolen, plexiglass, wooden product, plastics, Rubber, Tile, Crystal, jewel, Bamboo Products, etc. Included clothing leather, cloth toys, embroidery cutting , abrasive cutting, Crafts, advertising decoration , architectural decoration, packaging and printing, paper products, Metal ( Special Machine) and other.

Performance Characteristics :
1.The main parts of the motor drive is Japanese technical engine running, making sure the products
run at high speed and high precision.
2.The original binding beeline lead rail makes the mechanic run well and stable. Channel feeding: the
feeding can be unlimited.
3.It is processed with high quality aluminum and professional model and has the specification of strong
and not easy for distortion.
4.The body of the mechanical line adopts the imported materials, such as the mainly controlled CMOS
chip adopts double face CPU.

For more details, please contact us by :
Tel. Office: 022-95200589 / 91192898
Mobile Hotline: 085.222.1100.91 / 085.277.1100.91 / 0877.2287.2081 / 0812.2327.1917
began Monday to Friday, 08: 00 ~ 17: 00 pm
Saturday from 08: 00 ~ 12: 00 pm.
by SMS 12 hours everyday ( from 08: 00 ~ 21: 00 pm) every day ( including holidays)

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